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There are several aspects whereby which we can offer our services to you:

• Clinical drug trials: We are interested in partnering with CROs amd industry in clinical drug trials. We have done studies on erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, memory loss, heart disease, prostate etc. and helping in new pipe line developments. We have experience in Phase 2-4 studies. Patients qualifying for clinical drug trials may have some fees waived and may be sometimes entitled to a stipend as well.

Research And Studies• Opinion leadership: We also offer opinion leadership views on Optimal Aging & Men’s Health issues. Dr. Tan has worked with non-profits such as Men’s Health Network and also the pharmaceutical industry.

• Turnkey solutions and business development of similar practice settings.

• Speaking at Medical conferences: For planning & scheduling reasons, we usually, we request at least 3 months notice.

Please contact us for further information.