Infertility Treatment Houston- Treating Hypogonadism

This is from the Healthy Body Healthy Mind series- where the Best Doctors in the World are making House Calls. Here Dr. Tan (University of Texas & Opal Medical Clinic), Dr Dobbs (John Hopkins), Dr Miner (Brown University) and various patients share their perpectives on hypogonadism.  This documentary was produced professionally for Public Television and walks the patient through how diagnosis is made and what the treatment options are. Hypogonadism occurs when the body doesn’t make enough sex hormones, in men there’s not enough testosterone, in women not enough estrogen. People of any age can experience hypogonadism which can begin before puberty, or during adulthood. Symptoms can include sexual difficulties and infertility. But there are Infertility treatments in Houston that can help. In this program we will help viewers recognize the signs and symptoms of hypogonadism and see what therapies are available to manage it. Armed with a better understanding of the condition, patients and their families can work together with their health care team to find the most effective hormones treatment plan. We are very grateful to our patients and want to remember them here. The link to the You Tube video is here.