What are the charges?

We use the AMAapproved CPT codes for our fees. Consultation rates or professional fees are time and complexity based.
1. The first consult, which typicaly last an hour costs approximately $300-400
2. Follow up charges are $150-200 usually
3. Blood work is extra and run about $100-300 depending on tests ordered
4. If indicated, treadmill stress ekg with physician interpretation runs about $500 plus, whereas a regular ekg with interpretation cost about $100
5. Complete executive physicals will depend on the tests indicated and will be discussed prior to ordering any of the tests. Some of it might be covered by insurance.
Payment is expected on day of service. You will get an itemized breakdown for all fees on checking out. This could by supplied to your insurer or your health savings account (HSA) for claims. You can verify prices before the consultation and a breakdown list is provided on request.
We also offer a Membership Program, which is s a retainer for the doctor’s professional services for 12 consecutive months, to include initial and follow up visits as well as an annual complete physical and stress EKG test.
If you need further clarification please contact our office.