I have insurance questions.

What is your policy on insurance, medicare and Medicaid?
OPAL Medical Clinic does not contract directly with Insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid at this time. Hence, we are considered “out of network”. Portions of your bill (e.g.50-70%) may be reimbursed by your insurance, depending on the type of insurance you carry i.e. POS or PPO with out of network priveleges. We cannot guarantee reimbursement but will provide a receipt with ICD and CPT codes to assist with the claim. Please check with your insurance provider. We are not enrolled with Medicare or Medicaid. We do accept cash, major credit cards and checks.
We do however offer a Membership program, which would be ideal for someone who wants to be under our care for the whole year, and believes in our philosophy of optimal aging & wellness. You will have access to our doctor for all scheduled visits during the year under a retainer scheme, instead of paying per visit. Generally, speaking it may be cheaper than traditional health insurance premiums. More information is at the Download Forms page. For further clarification, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
Also, please note that Health Savings Account (HSA) may be available through your employer if you have a high deductible insurance. This is different from Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or FLEX. HSA are tax free and can be rolled over to the future and is portable should you change jobs. We do highly recommend HSA for our patients, as getting reimbursed for fees is much simpler and quicker. You will also have a better choice of doctors and may work out better for preventive health programs such as ours.