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Executive Physicals

• Allow us to perform a screening physical on you. Our goal is to determine your current health status, and prevent future ones. We provide programs to reduce health risk and lowering health-related costs in the long run. We aim to help individuals obtain optimal health by detecting risk factors, and addressing them early through screening.
• The OPAL Clinic offers comprehensive and cost-effective programs Executive Physicals.
This includes a thorough history and physical, body weight and composition analysis, blood work to determine cardio-neurological and cancer risks and EKGs.

StethIf there is further indication, we can organize screening imaging including heart scans, treadmills stress EKS, mammograms, prostate ultrasounds, carotid ultrasounds, DEXA scans, CT & MRIs.

In depth blood work analyses can include Vitamin analysis, neuro-endocrine analyses etc.

Results of the tests will be communicated to the client in a follow up visit, with suggestions on how to prevent disease and optimize health. Clients can also be referred for colonoscopy screening for colon cancer.

Additional tests as indicated for example is important in Wellness and can include biomarker measurements such as:

• Sexual Health Evaluation: Total/Free Testosterone, DHEA, DHT, Estradiol, Prolactin, LH etc.
• Oxidative Stress Evaluation: Vit B12, Folate, Chrmium, Glutahione, CoQ10, Vitamn E etc.
• Aging & Fatigue Evaluation: Growth hormone, IGF-I, TSH, Thyroid panel (TSH, FT3, FT4, Reverse T3) etc.
• Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity Evaluation: C peptide, Hgb A1C, Blood sugar etc.
• Cardiovascular Evaluation: Lipoprotein (a), Cardio-CRP etc.
• Cancer screening: CXR/CT Scan Lung, Free PSA etc.