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Low testosterone clinic Houston | Low Testosterone in Women

Many may be surprised that women can have testosterone! to function but need it much less than men. Let us look at what testosterone does for women. Androgen physiology in women Androgens are essentially prohormones for other steroids in women including estrogens. The building block for androgens is cholesterol, which is obtained in the diet….

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Low testosterone treatments: medications& non-medications

Currently, there are many different types of testosterone treatments available, ranging from topicals to injectables. However, prevention may be at the very core of solving health issues in the modern world, even with respect to testosterone treatments. Obesity leads to many problems including heart problems and arthritis. Hypogonadism and quality of life may be affected…

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Erectile Dysfunction does not exist alone!

The prevalence of depression, erectile dysfunction (ED) and coronary heart disease (CHD) increase as we age. In general, doctors tend to consider them as separate entities partly because of specialization in their respective fields like Urology or Endocrinology or Cardiology. Male patients presenting with problems with one organ system may have comorbid states in another…

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Testosterone & Heart Attacks

Over the past few years there have been 2 studies (Vigen et al, Finkle et al) that suggested an association of testosterone use with heart attacks. It was sensationalized in the media, despite the finding by several other researchers that it does not cause heart attacks and in some cases it may even protect from…

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Infertility Treatment Houston- Treating Hypogonadism

This is from the Healthy Body Healthy Mind series- where the Best Doctors in the World are making House Calls. Here Dr. Tan (University of Texas & Opal Medical Clinic), Dr Dobbs (John Hopkins), Dr Miner (Brown University) and various patients share their perpectives on hypogonadism.  This documentary was produced professionally for Public Television and…

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Bioidentical hormone replacement for menopause

Dietitians use their knowledge of nutritional, medical and social science to devise appropriate eating patterns and their communication skills to inform and educate others. After graduation, Hungarian dietitians can work in various fields of nutrition, like clinical nutrition, prevention, health or wellness centers, food industry etc. Most of these fields like bioidentical hormone are about face-to-face…

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Heart attacks and Testosterone in Houston

Testosterone Houston

Does testosterone cause heart attacks and strokes? With the help from Low T Center data, we found the opposite and might even protect against heart attacks and strokes. Part of the reason may be that you are more likely to exercise and eat well while on testosterone.We presented our findings at the endocrinology meeting. If you have questions…

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Which testosterone injection for me?

Have been asked what type of injectable testosterones are available? Most patients get cypionate or enanthate and last from 1-2 weeks.  Undeconate (Aveed) lasts about 10 weeks. Many are unaware of propionate which can be given 2-3 times a week. It is partly because it is harder to obtain propionate these days. If you have questions,and…

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We do the Best Thing

In Hartford HealthCare, only the best will do. We work as a team to bring experience, advanced technology and best practices to bear in providing the highest-quality care for our patients and families. We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work.

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